Green Design

Using Ductwork to Your Advantage

Do you like the look of exposed ductwork?

Designing a space with HVAC ducts located inside a conditioned space can save you 15-20% on your electricity bills as well as reduce the size of air conditioner you need by 25%

Brooklyn Townhouse via  Casa Sugar

Brooklyn Townhouse via Casa Sugar

Benefits include: 

  • Smaller heating systems
  • Potentially lower installation cost
  • Better indoor air quality and moisture management
  • More comfortable home
  • Better indoor air quality
via  The Ranch Mine  in Phoenix Arizona

via The Ranch Mine in Phoenix Arizona

It’s easiest to achieve while planning for it in the design phase of a new home, but there may be options for existing ducts in unconditioned spaces. If you don't really love the look of exposed ductwork, there are more options. Such as situating it between floors in a two story home, or a conditioned crawl space. For more information and good strategies visit