How many hours should I expect?

This is the most common question I receive during the on-boarding process. "How many hours will it take the draw this space?" Like many things in design, this can vary. The drawing time depends on the complexity of the space, level of realism, the availability of 3D models and textures (custom items will require me to draw pieces from scratch) and the number of revisions. 

floor plan

floor plans and elevations

Floor plan and elevation drawings will have the fastest drawing time. Depending on the level of detail and revisions, many drawings will take 1-2 hours. 

bathroom drawing

3D Model

This 3D model required about 2 hours to complete with ample information given at the onset of the project. Notice the level of detail is mid-range, and it is not a photo realistic image. 


Photo realistic image

This image of the same bathroom required about 2.5-3 hours to complete in total. Interior photo realistic images take more time because lighting, shadows and surfaces need to be adjusted and tested throughout the rendering process.