023: Non-toxic Home with Dr. Molly Stevens

Dr. Molly Stevens | Toxin Free Home Podcast

We may be suffering from the effects of toxins in our home and not even realize it. Toxins can affect us in a large variety of ways. From feeling lethargic or suffering headaches, to Asthma or fertility problems. While it may be difficult to pin-point if these are coming from toxins, it's always a good idea to actively make decisions that will reduce them in your home.

In this episode I'm talking with Dr. Molly Stevens about just that. She is a Chiropractor at SLO Wellness whose motto is Eat Well, Move Well, Be Well. 

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Some of the things we talked about are: 

.The physical condition as a child that led Molly to discover the effects of toxins on her own body.
.Her interests in prenatal and pediatric care during Chripratic school that furthered her interest in what our bodies are exposed to.
.Some of the common ways that people react to toxins
.Material sources in our homes that put off toxins. Siding on the safe side, good, better, best. 
.One of the common ways that our bodies try to protect themselves. (hint, are you having a difficult time loosing weight even though you are working hard at it?)
.Are you doing the right thing by drinking diet soda rather than regular soda?
.How you can purify your home from off-gassing furniture. 
.Which materials to stay away from in your furniture.
.Where to start when you are feeling overwhelmed. 

“The three biggest things we look at in diet, to get rid of them and never look back, are artificial sweeteners, trans fats and MSG products.”

Links mentioned: 

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I would love to hear about decisions you have made to reduce the toxins in your home or if you are having obstacles in making those decisions!