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Just 25 minutes away from our home in San Luis Obispo is Montaña de Oro. I really believe that it's one of the most beautiful places in California. With an extra day off last weekend, we planned around low tide and took the boys to explore. I think I get a little more giddy about the tide pools than they do, but I love sharing that excitement with them. 

It's a short and easy hike to the stairs that lead to the tide pools. 

Montana de Oro Field

As soon as we got down to the tide pools, Henry found a small rock with water in it and said "look, a mini tide pool!"

Tide Pool Rocks | Montana de Oro

Ollie was not as happy about being close to the waves. 

Tide Pools | Montana de Oro

Brian found this guy in the pools. I saw a few, but only as the were quickly scuttling away under mini rock croppings. Everything was so vibrantly pink and purple! It was an amazing sight. 

Crab | Montana de Oro
Urchins | Montana de Oro

It is such a good reminder of why we need to do all that we can to protect the earth and keep the beauty of nature in tact. 

Henry wanted to take some photos with my phone and he snapped a few of me. 

Montana de Oro
Montana de Oro

After we had gone to see the furthest pool that it was possible to climb to (with little ones at least) someone just out of sight started smoking. Brian caught my face as I realized this. I was not a fan. 

Who's Smoking?!
The Honest Home
The Honest Home
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