My Favorite Podcasts

My favorite podcasts are a mix of design, stories and business. However, I spend the majority of my time listening to business podcasts because I've always been a bit geeky with entrepreneurship, entering business plan contests and spending hours researching each small part of starting and running businesses. I love a good success story and really appreciate when others share what they have learned from their failures, because everybody has them! 

My Favorite Podcasts | The Honest Home


The Accidental Creative
This one has crossover into the business category. The host Todd Henry delivers great productivity and creativity tips and systems that have been really helpful to me. I've listened to Todd Henry's book Die Empty through Audible, read by him, and it's even more helpful. 

After The Jump
Conversations with Grace Bonney and a diverse group of designers and collaborators. It's great to hear what is going on in the design blog world and beyond. I started listening to this one in design school while I drafted late into the night (in between episodes of Project Runway) and loved the creative fuel it gave me.


The Moth Podcast
My sister got me hooked on this podcast. It's storytelling at it's finest. You know that feeling when you get when you check your inbox and there is an email from someone you really care about? That's how I feel when I see Moth has a new podcast. 

NPR: Story Corps
You can't listen without tearing up or possibly laughing. Always in a good deep-felt way. Not in a "geez I don't feel like crying today" way. 


Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income
He used to work for an architectural firm but got let go because of the economy. Their loss is our gain, he always has great tips for any online business and success stories. Plus he's just a super nice guy. 

John Lee Dumas' Entrepreneur on Fire
I love this one because it's 7 days a week, and I always know what to expect because he asks all his guests the same questions. My favorite question of his is for his interviewees to share a specific failure that they have learned and grown from. 

Sean Wes
 Even though he comes from the perspective of a young guy with no kiddos making him a little difficult to relate to, he still has great business sense and drive. Although he can be a bit extreme sometimes, even his most "cooky" ideas are thought provoking.

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