Case Study: Staircase Nook

That space under the stairs. So many people with two story homes know they could use that area underfoot for storage but aren't sure how to do it. 

A friend of mine has an open space already carved out under her staircase. But right now it is an empty slate. Along with her husband, the three of us thought through some of their storage needs and how they would like the space to function. Filing, organization and a place to empty their pockets and charge their electronics.

So I came up with a few concepts to incorporate some ideas that they hoped for. Both include a floating unit so that they could easy store and hide their shoes. 

Concept one included a space to the left where they can hang cold weather clothing. Concept two has more drawers and because of the slanted wall they are placed more abstractly. 

On the left is the docking station. It is deep enough to hide a laptop and phones but open for easy access. The drawing on the right shows a filing drawer that I wish I had three of. It includes a spot to put "to be filed" mail and papers for when you just don't have time to file it away, but you don't want it to pile up on a desk. 

Do you live in a two story home? Is that space under your stairs going to waste?