Upgrading Sleep

Our youngest relaxing on our bed. 

Our youngest relaxing on our bed. 

Shortly after we were married we needed to buy a mattress. We lived in Chicago and quickly found mattress stores to have a "Good day ma'am would you like to buy a mattress right this second? No? Well screw you!" attitude. 

So after months of sleeping on an airmattress we threw our hands in the air and bought a cheapo mattress at a huge dome sale. In a few years I felt like I was sleeping in a canoe and a couple years ago we just couldn’t take it any more. 

Brian was interested in memory foam and that sounded nice to me too. Until I learned that it might not be so nice to put my nose next to awful chemicals used in fire retardants required in foam mattresses for 8 hours a night.

Some of the worst offenders in most mattresses:

Petroleum based Polyurethane foam
Flame retardants 
Boric Acid (roach killer)
Perfumes to mask the smell of these chemicals

EEeep! So we did our research this time and found Essentia. They use foam made from hevia milk, certified organic cotton, plant extracts and essential oils. We saved up, waited for a sale and bought one. 

We have had it for over a year now and it has shown no signs of any breakdown. We love it. They are a bit more pricey, (it was definitely a stretch for us,) but we thought it was worth it. Next up we’ll be saving to get one for each of our boys.