027: Back to School with Interior Designer Tawna Allred

Tawna Allred | The Honest Home Podcast

We're revisiting the topic of going back to school today and I’m talking with interior designer Tawna Allred. She talked about going back to school and starting a career in interior design, even though she lives “in the middle of nowhere”. We talked about what her career might look like without it, challenges and joys of going back to school and more.

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Tawna Allred | Interior Designer | The Honest Home
Tawna Allred | The Honest Home Podcast

Show Notes:

.journey from the middle of nowhere to being a designer
.what scared her away from interior design at first
.taking courses in interior design online
.design camp and what she learned
.go into business for yourself or work for someone else first?
.do you need a degree?
.her business focus


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