025: Authentic Blogging with Rubyellen Bratcher

Rubyellen Bratcher

Rubyellen Bratcher of the blog Cakies has been a blogger for 7 years, she homeschools her four girls, is a published author and one of the most consistent bloggers that I have followed. Even though we don’t run blogs in exactly the same genre, I felt really inspired after talking to Rubyellen to blog what I love and to not think through all the blogging strategies too much. Her organic growth is inspiring and evident as I have followed her blog through the years. 

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This will be our second to last episode in the series talking about design blogging. Check out our upcoming guests page to see what is next! 

photo via  Cakies

photo via Cakies

Show Notes

.how long rubyellen has been blogging and what inspired her to start
.the evolution and growth of her blog, gaining blog sponsors and working with companies
.how rubyellen finds the time for everything she has going on in life
.some of the opportunities and benefits of being a blogger, contributing to other websites and magazines and travel
.a big downside to being a blogger, criticism
.how her book deal came about and the process of writing a book
.Rubyellen’s favorite way to interact with the blogging community
.how her girls are involved and their view of the blog

photo via   Cakies

photo via Cakies

photo via   Cakies

photo via Cakies