Minimalism and Books

Photo via ginnerobot on flickr.

Photo via ginnerobot on flickr.

Back in June I wrote a post about minimalism. In the comments on my Facebook page Mark commented that he had a lot more books than he actually reads.

I ran into this problem as I was clearing out a closet yesterday. We have a large box of beautifully new books because we both worked for a publishing company and received them for free. "We might read them someday". But "someday" hasn't come for 9 years. We've been lugging these around all across the country. 

My solution? There is a place that:

- you can take all of your books and they will store them for you. 
- will 
let other people use them as they need them.
- will allow you to come get them whenever you want and then they will store them again.

The library! The library gives me and my children so much so in return I am happy to bring them my books. Iā€™m thankful I can come visit these books any time I want and then return them for others to use as well. They'll be out of our closet and our whole community has access to them. Win-win!