029: Michael Graydon + Capturing Authentic Interiors

The best word I can think of to describe the work of Toronto based Photographer Michael Graydon is “authentic”. It really stands apart from typical interior photography. I wanted to know if Michael set out to create that. I'm really excited to bring you this interview, because Michael is as friendly as his work is lovely. 

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Show Notes

- How Michael’s interest started
- It’s possible to have too much opportunity
- Why it’s important to know yourself
- What led him to specialize in interiors, food and travel
- The first thing Michael does when he photographs an interior
- His ideal client
- How travel and photographing interiors has affected the way he creates his own home. 
- A good exercise in visualizing your own space
- Michael’s take on the blue or black dress debacle.
- His take on use of photos on blogs and websites
- Exciting projects that Michael and Nikole have coming up.

Michael Graydon | The Honest Home
Michael Graydon

Michael Graydon

There were so many great nuggets of wisdom in this interview, but two things that really stood out to me are: 

1. When Michael photographs an interior, the first thing he does is turn off all the lights. 
2. A great way to plan your space is to photograph it and visualize where everything should go or even draw on top of the photograph. As you go, photograph your space and look at the photo to see what works and what doesn't. The room will look different throughout the day as well as throughout the year. 

The Honest Home Podcast | Michael Graydon