Laminate Countertops // Green? Durable?

Laminate countertops have seen a resurgence in the last few years. As products are improved and budgets are tightened, homeowners are realizing laminate isn't just for rentals and the 50's. 

As I dive deeper into material research, I realize more and more that there is no perfect material when it comes to sustainability and durability. Laminate is no exception. But it does have a lot of pros that makes it a great option. 

Are laminate countertops green?
Are laminate countertops durable?


  • Very budget friendly. $10-$30 per square foot installed. 
  • Lightweight and often made in the US, meaning it has a lower carbon footprint.
  • Come in a lot of great design options. If it's stone you wanted, some patterns make it difficult to decipher whether it's stone or laminate. 
  • Non porous and bacteria resistant. 
  • Increasingly durable. High end laminate countertops come with a 10 year warranty. 
  • Often uses FSC wood fibers and paper in materials.
  • Can be fabricated and installed with low VOC adhesives. 
  • Two great options are Green Guard Certified. (Wilsonart and Formica)


  • Cutting boards and trivets are highly recommended.
  • Will likely go to a landfill at the end of it's lifecycle.
  • Can't be refinished if it becomes chipped or marred.