Health Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

Atwood Bed by  Crate and Barrel 

Atwood Bed by Crate and Barrel 

Usually when we think of solid wood furniture, words that come to mind are "quality" "durable" or "valuable". But another unexpected benefit of wood furniture is that it is healthier for you! Especially if zero or low VOC finishes are used.

The danger in the alternatives to solid wood, which are particleboard, MDF and other glued and pressed woods, is that the adhesives contain formaldehyde that is released into the air you breathe possibly causing eye, nose or respiratory problems. Yikes! It can take 5-10 years for particleboard to completely offgas. 

If you do have a piece of furniture that you are concerned about, keeping it away from heat helps as well as keeping the temperature and humidity inside your home to a moderate level. Another option is to seal it