This Land is Your Land

Keep It Public

Do you live in the US? Did you know that you own land in the wilderness? It’s true, we all do.

Because it’s public land. We are free to go and enjoy and bask in it’s beauty and peacefulness. But recently, special interest groups have been lobbying for state takeover (in 11 states) of public land which means it can be auctioned off and privatized. I'm guessing it probably won't be sold to kind hearted, outdoor loving folks. The highest bidders will likely be using it for drilling, mining and logging.

I love living in the west. I’ve been fortunate to camp in the beauty of the Sierras, hike in Oregon, live next to a creek at 9,000 feet in Colorado for a year and more. It pains me to think that those opportunities might not be there for my children and their children.

The face of a wilderness lover. 

The face of a wilderness lover. 

I signed a petition to tell our elected officials to keep public lands public, and I hope you will too!