Thinking Summer // Small Adventure

I know it's only February, and that a lot of the US is socked in with snow today. But I have issues with thinking about summer and getting outside as soon as the holidays are over. Every year. Especially since our local Target took down the Christmas decor and replaced it with patio furniture and grilling supplies on pretty much the 1st of January. I start to feel done with the short days, and pine for the days we all be at the beach after work on a weekday. 

I've always loved Small Adventure prints and cards. They capture so much of what is great about being outside and enjoying nature. I've been slowly working my way through their set of 8 cards each time I have a special occasion to send someone a card. 

Prints and Cards by Small Adventure on Etsy

We had our own small adventure to the mountains a few weeks ago. We headed from the coast to the mountains for a few nights. We played in the snow and dipped our feet in the lake. The smell of the pine trees in the sunshine made me giddy for summer camping. 

Trip to the mountains

How about you? Planning any adventures?