[Local] SummerWood Winery + Inn

When we go on vacation (I'll use the term "when" lightly, since having our two little ones, I can't remember the last time we've been on a true vacation) I search high and low for something with clean lines, minimal decor, warm and inviting.

They can be suprisingly difficult to come by. But with a local inn's renovation there is one more option out there. SummerWood Winery and Inn now strikes a perfect balance with simple and clean lines, mixed with rustic touches. 

Using her instincts from working resorts and hotels, executive chef Kelly Wangard oversaw the Interior Design. 

With rooms starting at $275 a night, it may be a splurge for many. But it might be worth it if you find it difficult to relax in a burgundy room with crunchy sheets and doily table runners.