Contract and Retainer Payment

Letter of Agreement

This letter confirms our agreement for drawing services performed by Tammy Cody of Cody Design Studio.

Drawing Services Include:
- 2D drawings, 3D modeling, 3D photo realistic renderings
- Lighting and electrical plans

All packages are customized to the clients needs. Cody Design Studio may decline, or charge additionally for work that Cody Design Studio reasonably deems to be beyond this scope.

Project Onboarding:
Ample information, images, specifications and measurements will be provided to Cody Design Studio to produce drawings. Information will be housed in a DropBox file created by Cody Design Studio and shared with the client. 

For the professional design services previously described, Cody Design Studio shall receive an hourly fee of $45 per hour. A $135 retainer due on at commencement of work will be credited towards the first (3) billable hours. Communication (emails, phone calls, texts) will also be billed at an hourly fee of $45 per hour. All hours will not be rounded up or down.

An online billing and payment system has been set up for convenience below.

Please allow 1-3 working days for revisions. Revisions are not to be made "one by one", but a complete list of clear revisions should be provided to Cody Design Studio via email. 

Email is the best form of communication for documentation. Phone communication will add clarity if needed. When providing specs, measurements, and information for revisions, explaining why you made design choices is not necessary. Only specify the design, not the reason you chose that design. This takes longer to read and decipher, meaning more billable hours. 

Payment schedule:
Billed once monthly on the 1st of each month.

Cody Design Studio is not responsible for the methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery, installation or safety precautions in connection with the project; for the acts of contractor, subcontractors, suppliers or any other person working on the project, or for any failure of them to meet the schedule of completion dates. 

This agreement can be terminated in the event that either party fail to uphold the terms. An email with written notice is required to explain the reasoning. Cody Design Studio will be compensated for all design services performed prior to notice of such termination at the hourly rate of $45 per hour.

Signed *


5 Hour Retainer
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