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New build and remodel interior design and planning.
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Floor Plans

Every design starts with a floor plan. It is the most important building block of a home because it tells us what the flow of the space will be, how efficient it is, and what the priorities will be (and will they fit!) 

Floor Plan San Luis Obispo

Elevation Drawings

An elevation drawing is like a 2D slice of a room. When planning a new build or renovation, elevation drawings are essential to communicate details to your contractor and the crew that will be building it. 



As a homeowner, it can be difficult to imagine what a designed space will actually look like when you are standing in it. Being able to visualize your space more accurately will help you make better decisions. 

I appreciate Tammy’s sense of design - simple clean lines. She’s also easy to work with, flexible and reliable.
— Vina Lustado - Residential Designer in Ojai, CA
My husband and I are building a new home and Tammy has helped us get a good feel for what our home will actually feel like. It can be difficult for me to picture the space in 3D but Tammy used the drawings from our architect to show us how we will experience the home from different perspectives. She helped us quickly look at a range of options and make better decisions. I like working with Tammy because she listens well, offers creative and practical ideas, and get things done efficiently. When I look at our overall budget, by far we have received the most value from the money spent with Tammy.
— A. S. - San Luis Obispo