Favorite Instagrammers

I know some people like to bash on Instagram. But perhaps they are following the wrong people. Or maybe just the wrong people for them. It seems that if you can look at Instagram with from a view of inspiration and not envy (which is difficult sometimes!) it's easy to get lost in.

I love Instagram (most of the time, I don't love the arguing that sometimes ensues). I only follow a handful of people that I actually know. The rest inspire me to live simply, eat well, be generous and compassionate, and chase a good adventure. 

I want to share some of my favorite instagrammers lately with you.

Orlando Soria from Hommemakerblog. He is perhaps my favorite instagrammer because he is absolutely hilarious, plus he makes beautiful spaces. 

Via  Hommemaker  

Laura Dart of Dart Photo and her Instagram @dartphoto is always inspiring and moody (in a good way). 

Sam Larson is a amazing artist who shares his sketches that are sometimes done on leafs!

via Sam Larson Instagram

Hunter Lawrence's instagram. Because, Colorado, lovely wife, dog named Aspen. That description is sufficient.

I would love to hear who your favorite instagrammer's are!