A Favorite Mood Booster

Styling and photo by  sfgirbybay

Styling and photo by sfgirbybay

I don't mind small messes, but when they start to add up it overwhelms me. I feel down and blue, and as though I have approximately 1,000 things to do. When really, all I have are about 5 things to do.

Clutter weighs me down, and apparently it does for others as well

Do Just One Thing

If I can just do ONE thing, I realize how good it feels. The ball starts rolling and I happily go through all my organization points while feeling great. This might be just me, but I know if I choose one thing on the list below I feel accomplished and get a burst of energy to do more. 

These are my usual problem areas:

  • Mail pile - I like to go through our bills, write a check, stamp the envelope and then write a date in the corner so I'll know when to drop it in the outgoing mailbox. I gave up filing a long time ago, I have one nice looking box that everything goes in. It's working for now.*
  • Refrigerator - If I don't keep up...ew.
  • Clean clothes - My husband does most of the laundry, but I'm usually on duty to put it away. 
  • My purse. I usually find something surprising...like a slice of cheese in a baggie. Again...ew.
  • Any flat surface - Elevated and flat surfaces are a magnet for disorganization. Kitchen counters, tables, desks, dressers.

We don't have a garage, or junk drawer. So those are two less projects I have to think about.

How about you? Do you use decluttering and organization as a mood booster?