Feels Like Home // Adding Architectural Details

Sometimes I feel as though if I read the words "vaulted ceilings" as one of the few positive attributes of a home I'll have to scratch my eyeballs out.

Sure there was a time where this appealed to me since I spent some of my formative years in a tract home with them. Even now my parents live in a home with a vaulted ceiling as a main interior architectural element, and I do find myself comforted when stepping in. However, that is probably due to the smells of home cooking.  

If you live in a beige box like I do, you may feel frustrated decorating only to realize it's not working and you keep trying and trying without finding good permanent solutions. It's not you! (At least it probably isn't.) It's the room! Especially if it has carpet. A great way to remedy this is adding architectural salvage details or "faking" them. 

One of my favorite spaces published to date is from Anthology Magazine Issue 12. Rebecca Rebouche's home in New Orleans has a wooden plank on her living room wall. It defines the space in a beautiful way and would be fairly easy to add to the right space. 

More great examples with sources below. 

via  A + B Kasha  in Paris France

via A + B Kasha in Paris France

Of course none of the examples above have carpet. But that's a discussion for another day.

What do you think? Have you added architectural salvage to your home?